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BWT Ritchie Scholarship

Applications are open for a fellowship starting in 2025.

The BWT Ritchie Scholarship is a financial contribution to assist a New Zealand based anaesthesia trainee who, at the time the scholarship is awarded, is eligible to proceed to training year 5 to undertake a further year of study overseas. 

The scholarship aims to assist a trainee to enhance their skills and training through overseas experience and return to New Zealand to share what they have learned with their community.

Applications close 5pm Monday 30 September 2024.

The BWT Ritchie Anaesthesia Scholarship is administered by the ANZAEC who may award one or more (or no) scholarships each year.


Anaesthesia trainees who, at the time the scholarship is awarded, are eligible to proceed to training year 5 are invited to apply for this scholarship. 


The history of the scholarship

The scholarship is named for Dr B W T Ritchie, a New Zealand-born, UK-qualified anaesthetist who set up the BWT Ritchie Scholarship in 1991, with a gift to a trust for that purpose – for the capital to be retained with the net income used to fund the scholarships. The trust deed establishing the scholarship stipulates that the grant is intended to enable overseas experience but with the scholar expected to return to New Zealand for at least three years to work in anaesthesia or intensive care (which was not then a separate College). This now also applies to pain medicine.

Previous Recipients

2022 Recipient

Holly Edmond

2021 Recipient

Tze Ying - Toronto General

2020 Recipient

Mike Webb - Sunybrook Hospital

2019 Recipient

Chris Badenhorst - British Columbia Children’s Hospital

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