Visiting Lectureships Have Gone Virtual



September 2, 2021 06:00pm NZST


1) Research. Is it worth it? Dr Nick Lightfoot

2) Sustainable anaesthesia. Is it worth it? Dr Rob Burrell.

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Dr Nicholas Lightfoot

Specialist Anaesthetist CMDHB

Can small scale anaesthesia research make a difference?  Outcomes from New Zealand (Middlemore Hospital)

Dr. Nicholas Lightfoot was nominated by Clinical Senior Lecturer, Dr Francois Stapelberg, for his excellent presentation on Evidence Based Medicine and Anaesthesia for Orthopaedic Surgery.  Dr Lightfoot has been influencing the practice of anaesthesia for orthopaedic surgery at Middlemore and within Auckland, especially Enhanced Recovery through his research and collaboration interests, as well as clinical practice and training for the trainees.

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Dr Rob Burrell

Specialist Anaesthetist CMDHB

Sustainability: our world, our country, and our work. 

Dr Rob Burrell was nominated by his Clinical Director, Dr John McGann, for his excellent presentation.  Dr Burrell has worked tirelessly over several years to monitor the carbon footprint of the Middlemore anaesthesia department, largely with regards to volatile use.  His gentle encouragement and regular data presentations have caused it to drop significantly through a sustained widespread shift in practice. 



ANZAEC established the NZ Anaesthesia Visiting Lectureship in 2008 to promote sharing knowledge and experience through outstanding presentations among anaesthesia departments and practices.

Each year, heads of departments are invited to nominate members of staff who have given an outstanding presentation at a continuing medical education session and are willing to give their presentations at two regional centres in New Zealand the following year. ANZAEC help cover the travel and accommodation costs involved in making the visits.  Following COVID-19 the option of a webinar presentation is being explored as an alternative.  

Applications close on 30 September 2021.

Nominations for Visiting Lectureships for 2022 are open now. The nomination form is available to download below.  Once completed please send to the ANZAEC Administrative Officer via email