The ANZAEC was previously known as the Continuing Education Committee for Anaesthetists in New Zealand (CECANZ) and was established at the beginning of 2003.  This committee was developed from the CECANZ working party, established in 2002 with the role of reviewing CECANZ.


The committee consisted of three representatives each from the parent bodies, convenors of upcoming ASM’s and single theme meetings, and ex-officio, the chair or president of the parent body and the previous Medical Director of CECANZ.


The committee usually met by teleconference on two occasions each year and by communications through email. 


The NZSA and NZNC voted to disestablish the position of Medical Director of CECANZ at the end of 2002. The position of CECANZ secretary, which was strongly linked to the role of the Medical Director and the production of HELP modules, ceased to exist several months later.


The final issue of HELP was published at the end of 2002.

CECANZ then became known as the New Zealand Anaesthesia Education Committee (NZAEC) in 2004 and then in June 2019 was  renamed to Aotearoa New Zealand Anaesthesia Education Committee (ANZAEC).

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