Dr James Broadbent, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Dr James Broadbent will take up a six month fellowship in Paediatric Anaesthesia followed by a six months fellowship in Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, beginning in February 2015.


Dr Broadbent trained in anaesthesia and intensive care, and has worked at the Hutt Hospital since December 2013. Dr Leona Wilson, CHOD Anaesthesia at Hutt Hospital, noted in her nomination of Dr Broadbent that “As well as being a reliable and excellent anaesthetist and intensivist, he has taken over the equipment portfolio for the anaesthesia department with gusto, promoted research in the intensive care unit, and is beginning to be involved in teaching courses within the hospital and region….The work he has done is part of the solid foundation that any department requires to function well, and shows great promise for the future.”  Dr Broadbent has also been the site investigator for Hutt Hospital for a national research project into MET calls in New Zealand.


During his fellowship Dr Broadbent intends attending the APLS instructor training course in Melbourne, an emergency airway management instructor course in Perth and an ultra-sound course in peri-operative echocardiography.


Hutt Hospital has a significant number of paediatric patients with a variety of congenital abnormalities for plastic and reconstructive surgery. The department is also often involved in the management of unwell children presenting to the Emergency Department.  Dr Broadbent anticipates that his experience at Royal Children’s Hospital will be invaluable in developing his clinical skills for the care of paediatric patients at Hutt Hospital when he returns from his fellowship.

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