Rob Burrell - Sustainability: Our World, our Country, and our work (Middlemore Hospital)

Dr Rob Burrell was nominated by his Clinical Director, Dr John McGann, for his excellent presentation on Sustainability: our world, our country, and our work.  Dr Burrell has worked tirelessly over several years to monitor the carbon footprint of the Middlemore anaesthesia department, largely with regards to volatile use.  His gentle encouragement and regular data presentations have caused it to drop significantly through a sustained widespread shift in practice.  He has given several talks along the way, including those to other anaesthetic departments across Auckland, which have both entertained and caused many to pause for thought.  During this time, he has also been instrumental in introducing a recycling scheme to theatres, and more recently, been involved in auditing drug waste with a view to ultimately potentially revolutionising the disposal of environmentally toxic drugs.  Dr John McGann said he feels lucky to have him, and that his colleagues across the country would find a talk from him collegial, enjoyable, thought provoking, and possibly even inspirational.

Dr. Burrell is Senior Medical Officer at Counties Health Board, Middlemore Hospital

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