Dr Chang Joon Kim, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Dr Chang Kim has obtained a full time research fellowship at McMaster University in Canada, which he will commence in 2016.  Dr Kim will have the opportunity to work with one of the world's leading research experts, Professor PJ Devereaux, and with fellows from other countries as he works towards obtaining his Masters Degree. Work will include but will not be limited to a health research methodology program with involvement in one of the major projects (potentially POISE 3 trial); data base analysis study and leading his own project related to cardiovascular clinical outcomes.


Dr Kim has recently been working as a fellow in cardiothoracic and otorhinolaryngology anaesthesia at Auckland District Health Board. He is described by the Deputy Clinical Director, Dr Amanda Dawson, as "an exceptional young man. He has been a committed and dedicated student, teacher, anaesthesia trainee and scholar throughout his time in anaesthesia. An interest in research is not uncommon in our trainees but the ability, determination and drive to actively pursue academic research in the anaesthesia environment in New Zealand is rare. To do so while completing anaesthesia training is exceptional."


Dr Kim won two prizes at successive years at the Auckland Registrars Meeting, and was a finalist in the Poster Presentation Section at the 2015 ANZCA ASM.  He has been a member of the NZ Training Committee and the welfare representative for trainees, has contributed to National Anaesthesia Day, and to the teaching programs for Part 1 and 2 in the Auckland Region. 


Dr Kim will return to a consultant position at Auckland City Hospital when he comes back to New Zealand, where, Dr Kerry Gunn comments, that "it is envisaged that he will adopt a central role in developing research in the Department."

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